Topical subjects which are normally discussed through Radio Africana. Podcasts are done in order to educate and elevate the mind and general understanding of a subject matter.


I Am Who I Am and I Know I Am

Speaking with Becky of BBC Radio Manchester about myself, my background and my interests. What was my upbringing like? What had a big influence on me and my heritage and culture when young. Why am I who I am?

Reparations! Give Back to Africa What Belongs to Africa.

Talking about one of my interests. Giving back the objects taken by colonialists from Africa and other countries. Objects which sit in Museums and Art Galleries.

Reparations with Dr Erinma Bell and Stephen Welsh

Black History – Is One Month Enough?

Why African History?

Three Calls To Action.

Edmund Burke – he presents a favourite saying of mine. This is a saying which I use all the time at the end of most of my talks.

“The perpetuation of evil (or bad things) happen when good people do nothing”

Call To Action 1: What are you going to do to make your community, neighbourhood or work place a better place to exist for everyone?

George Orwell – “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others”

Women as Peace-builders. What are you doing in your organisation or group to make sure it is equal and reflective of society?

Call To Action 2: How are you building social capital – Bonding, Bridging, Linking and Identity – to make sure that you are taking gender equality into account?

Race and Diversity and its impact on individuals. How often do you form a bridge to another community or peoples different from you, as a peace builder. Do you find this difficult?

Call to Action 3: How are you going to have that difficult conversation about ‘race’?

Just Do It