A small team of professionals with varied backgrounds focussing on real engagement in order to achieve solutions.

A Foundation with the aim of leaving a legacy of inspiring solutions for community cohesion and peacebuilding and gaining social capital in an urban environment. 

A conscious networking plan which will create a transparent robust and efficient system which reflects the setting of our standards of excellence. 

Core content will address issues of social inequalities in Employment, Health and mental health in particular, Education, Media, Security, Homelessness/Housing.

Core reporting will be done to our clients.  Clients will be made up of sponsors; grant funders and general public.

Process of community engagement: this will be done by building social capital amongst the grass roots groups/organisations and individuals and the key stakeholders of our communities eg: GMP; NHS; Local Authority; Home Office; HMPS; CPS.  We define Social Capital in 4 categories: Bonding; Bridging; Linking and Identity.  Engagement will also take clients through determining what is Cultural Intelligence; Social Intelligence and the emotional agility to be able to deal with both.

We will provide online training courses to provide knowledge, skills, and tools to better understand and promote community cohesion in ones community and area of influence.

We will bring together diverse leaders, and peacebuilders to learn more about Positive Peace and what it means in your community using pre-made PowerPoint presentations and facilitation guides.

Large scale Positive Peace workshops/seminars will be developed to bring  together and connect diverse groups of community leaders and peacebuilders working in specific Pillars of Positive Peace in their communities.  A curriculum guide is being developed based on these events.