Peace Building – Just Do It Rotary Together Talks

Three Calls To Action.

Edmund Burke – he presents a favourite saying of mine. This is a saying which I use all the time at the end of most of my talks.

“The perpetuation of evil (or bad things) happen when good people do nothing”

Call To Action 1: What are you going to do to make your community, neighbourhood or work place a better place to exist for everyone?

George Orwell – “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others”

Women as Peace-builders. What are you doing in your organisation or group to make sure it is equal and reflective of society?

Call To Action 2: How are you building social capital – Bonding, Bridging, Linking and Identity – to make sure that you are taking gender equality into account?

Race and Diversity and its impact on individuals. How often do you form a bridge to another community or peoples different from you, as a peace builder. Do you find this difficult?

Call to Action 3: How are you going to have that difficult conversation about ‘race’?

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